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Metal Roofs For Commercial Applications

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Standing seam metal roofing is a popular choice among commercial customers. The clean lines and wide range of colors lend a professional look that is consistent with any trade dress. Metal roofs are highly durable and many manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty. Metal roofing is fabricated with galvanized steel and copper materials.Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors - Standing seam metal roofs are available in nearly any color. Corporate identity is very important. What better way to express your identity than integrating your company colors with your building? Companies all over the nation are adopting metal roofing. Early adopters insist upon metal roofs for all of their locations. Durable Metal Roofs Metal roofing is known for long service life. This is why most manufacturers back their materials with warranties as high as 50 years. Many metal roofing materials are dent and scratch resistant as well. Metal is naturally fire resistant, so your company may qualify for lower insurance premiums. The benefits don't stop there. Metal roofs are heat reflective, so your standing seam metal roof will reflect heat during the day and night. This results in lower energy consumption which saves you money and lowers your organization's carbon footprint. Another attractive factor is that metal roofing is made up of recycled materials and it can be recycled decades later. Metal Roofing Installation - Metal roofing can be installed on low slope roofs. However the pitch must be near or greater than 2/12. Metal roofing is exceptionally light weight. There is no need for additional supports in the building. In fact, metal roofs are lighter than asphalt shingles by the square.