Stone Coated

Stone Coated Roofs For Residential Applications

Stone Coated Roofs

A stone coated metal roof is an ideal residential roofing solution. Not only do you get the durability of steel, you may also decrease you insurance premium by as much as 35%. Metal roofing is fire resistant, hail resistant, and stone coated steel is less likely to leak. Best of all, stone coated metal roofing Durability and Savings Your Decra stone coated roof can withstand winds upwards of 120 MPH and resist hail stones up to 2.5" in diameter. This coupled with flame resistance found in metal roofing make a stone coated metal roof an attractive option. Metal Roofing Varieties Stone coated metal roofing can come in many forms. Your metal roof can be made to look like asphalt shingles, wood shake, or tile shingles. Your metal roof is available in a variety of colors. You simply have to choose your favorite. Metal Roofing Installation Metal roofs are not recommended for roofing with a low slope. Generally a slope less than 2/12 will require extra preparations to ensure it is leak-proof. Otherwise, metal roofing can be a time consuming process, but the durability and long-term savings negate any excess cost of the life of your roof.